Me, Me, and um Me

Hello fellow readers!
My name is Rogue. At least that's what I call myself - plus it sounds much better than my real name. I love books, but I guess you knew that already. I am a daughter of Pluto and follower of Artemis.   

Fun facts:
  1. I never thought I'd ever make a fun fact list
  2. I love PS3 games! My favs. are Assassin's Creed Series, Batman Arkham Asylum/City, and Skyrim!
  3. I like manga: my favorite is Hetalia. Go Germany!
  4. Doctor Who is great too!
  5. I love classic rock and country music. Taylor Swift is not country.
  6. I wish Greek was a religion.
  7. I only have seven facts.
I have a shelfari account which I am on all the time. Friend me =)